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Prolotherapy for Pets in Naperville, IL

Non-Invasive Treatment for Tendon & Ligament Damage in Dogs throughout the Chicagoland Area & More

Prolotherapy is a non-invasive treatment option for dogs with tendon or ligament injuries. This technique, which involves the injection of a natural substance to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, is an excellent choice for dogs in need of joint care. Prolotherapy can significantly improve a dog’s mobility and reduce the pain associated with joint damage. 

This therapy has been particularly beneficial for canine patients dealing with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. A common issue among dogs, an ACL injury can significantly impact a dog’s quality of life. Surgery, although often recommended, can be an intense experience for both a dog and their owner. Prolotherapy emerges as an effective alternative, providing a less invasive yet effective approach to healing and pain relief.

At Care Animal Clinic, our team of veterinary experts is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our furry patients, and that includes offering prolotherapy for dogs in Naperville, IL. Though we are located in the Chicagoland area, we welcome patients from across the United States. 

Our commitment to using cutting-edge veterinary techniques sets us apart from other clinics. This treatment option allows us to provide holistic, personalized care for your dogs, particularly those suffering from ACL injuries. 

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Preparing Your Dog for Prolotherapy

Preparing your dog for prolotherapy is a vital step in the treatment process. 

Your dog should be well-rested on the day of the appointment. While prolotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure, your dog must be calm and relaxed for the treatment to be effective. Therefore, try to keep their routine as normal as possible on the day of the treatment, avoiding any unusual stress or exertion.

Nutrition is another vital aspect of preparation to consider. Please follow any specific feeding instructions provided by your veterinarian, as they might require an empty stomach, depending on the sedatives used. It’s also crucial to communicate with your veterinarian about any medications your dog may be taking, as certain drugs could interfere with the body’s response to the treatment. 

Lastly, make sure your dog has a comfortable space to rest and recover after the treatment. Post-prolotherapy, animals may experience temporary discomfort in the treated area, and a quiet, comfortable resting place at home can help them recuperate faster. The effectiveness of prolotherapy is highly dependent on the post-treatment care and rest provided, so be sure to follow your veterinarian’s aftercare instructions closely.

Call Care Animal Clinic Today 

We understand that your dogs are cherished members of your family. As such, they deserve the highest standard of medical care, especially when they’re in pain. 

Prolotherapy is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative, safe, and effective treatments for our four-legged friends. You can trust us to provide compassionate care to your beloved pets, treating them as if they were our own. 

To schedule an appointment for dog prolotherapy in Naperville, call (630) 626-5069 or contact us online.

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    “I cannot thank you enough for that kindness and the support given to her as she made the hard decisions regarding her fur baby.”

    Taylor S.

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    Kathy A.

    “Care Animal Clinic does amazing helping my babies feel better when they are not feeling well.”

    Chris S.

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